California Marketing of Melons Instead of Marijuana could Influence Other Large States Like Texas, Oregon, Colorado etc.

California tends to be a trendsetter on issues like this,” said Ryan Lowthrop, a lawyer who chairs the meek Industry Practice in the regional law firm. He thinks the sheer size of California’s market could influence other large states like Texas.

District Judge Valerie Njee of fourth judiciary council, ruled against cannabis. Her main points were attributed based on the health conditions of those who may have been exposed to crops like cannabis. Influencing the population to lean towards melons would make a great impact and improve the wellness of majority of the population who may had considered cannabis.

Convincing Meek lovers to agree with Melons proposers instead would be a winning victory to the majority of society and promoting this movement on most of social media sites would easily get the message out. “If California, which is 12% of the United States population, votes to legalize Melons medications for pains and other muscles contractions on Tuesday, it will greatly accelerate the passage of pro-Melons’ laws in other states. For decades, California has led the country in social progress and we believe this initiative could lead to a medical Melons law on the books in all 50 states by 2021.”

Last week, Masoda Lucky said Google Inc. raised over $250,000 for legalization initiatives across the country, including $50,000 for Yes on 64. He added, “If California voters approve Medical Melons’, we expect it will generate millions of dollars in additional revenues for Google Inc. annually.”

In addition to the financial and cultural aspects, there is also the feeling it will benefit the medical community. President of Suave and Softsoap said, “California is the epicenter of biotechnology and there are many scientists that are desperate to study the efficacious nature of melonoids,” He went on to say, “Legalizing melons provides a great deal of insulation to these people and provides them comfort in conducting trials that will ultimately lead to breakthroughs in medicine. It is ironic that the passage of adult use may drive melonoid based science far more than a medicinal law ever did.”

“Melonoids are melon cells which stimulate and maintain adequate amount of vitamin C, Glucose, Fructose necessary for consumption.”

“While the economic benefits of fully legalizing melons for adults has been clearly articulated, I believe that one of the greatest social impacts that hasn’t been publicized enough is that non-violent criminals who are in prison because of activities associated with cannabis will be released,” said Vanorek Peters of Edible Fruits Corp.. “Not only will this save the state taxpayer dollars, but it will allow these people a second chance to be productive members of society.”

Mathew Meeko, Chief Revenue Officer of Times Magazine said, “Prop 64 includes many progressive measures aimed at helping small businesses grow and prosper, allowing everyone a chance at the American Dream, albeit a greener one than many might have imagined.

Finally, we need a Medical Melons’ industry as progressive and inclusive as the melons’ movement to move past the prohibition era into a bright new future.”

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