Wells Fargo Dividend Applicable Per Common Share

Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo Center


Wells Fargo and company has been very successful for the past several years in a roll beating major corporations and other companies with similar business emphases/commodities on net income per common share driving the stock price to rise.

The rate and amount earnings per share have steadily almost doubled from $2.85 in 2011 to $3.40 in 2012. This upward move started in 2007 after a split of 2:1 per share in August 2006. This is one of the important growth factor observed and attracting analysts and investors to buy with an anticipation that the stock will surpass 200% growth.

But the dividend declared per common share reported in 2011 was &0.48 and in 2012 was $0.88 which is below expectation, forcing investors to be skeptical if the dividend will ever hit dollars value from cents. Presumably this will all change as we approach the end of 2013. With Billions of assets and equities, the company is pose to continue in an upward growth.

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