Thriving Korean Air Force Program Using AF-50 Fighterjets

Thriving Korean Air Force Program using Air Force T-50 fighterjets. Another important milestone was reached in the Philippine government’s efforts to acquire the South Korean LIFT F / A-50 “Fighting Eagles”. The Department of National Defence (DND) of Filipanas announced on Monday that the Letter of Credit (LOC) for the aircrafts were finally opened by the acceptable defense agency to supply these airjets.”The LOC was finally opened. Also entered the payment of 15% requested by the contracting agents. The LOC is a document issued by a financial institution, guaranteeing payment to a seller of goods and / or services. For this particular program, 12 F / A-50 were hired for the Air Force of the Philippine (PAF).


These F / A-50 were manufactured by Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI). Delivery of the first set of aircrafts was expected 18 months after signing of the contract. The next set of aircrafts will be delivered after 12 months and the remaining eight planes in the subsequent eight months.

The F / A-50 has a maximum of Mach 1.5 or one and a half speed the speed of sound and can be equipped with air-to-air, including the AIM-9 “Sidewinder” among other weapons in state-of-art .