The Aviation Industries have developed guided systems and SATELITES to deliver real-time information from wherever locations these systems may be installed. The industry as a whole highly uses sophisticated wireless systems and electronic connectivity devices manufactured based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) standards. Logistics and Fiber Optics play a great deal in molding wires used on switchboards, alloys and cardboards.

Standards and Specifications must be met and kept by manufacturers to maintain their contract with most of their aerospace manufacturing companies. The airline industries depend and maintain trust with these manufacturing companies and have been a key to their success.

BOEING Corporation as an example is the leading manufacturing company in the world with plants located in different locations around the world.

777Boeing 777

These guided systems are also used for military surveillance maneuvers performed when needed and on similar technology apps. to document certain findings and requirements needed where applicable and necessary. Sensors are used for constructing buildings and measurements to get accurate readings according the specified requirements. Most Measuring equipment encompasses of radio frequencies and optical sensors which have been calibrated to produce wireless readings based on certain standards and initial calibration readings. These instruments are very useful in geological, atmospheric, asteroids, meteoroids and other media of interests.


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