Facebook FB is a publicly-held social networking corporation which was launched on February 4, 2004. Businesses of all sizes are able to connect through this venue to advertise their products and keep in-touch with peers, friends and family. Users of this platform are also able to connect and interact with friends and also advertise brand products to each other. This Resource Delivery Channel has been integrated into so many Management Information Web-Base corporations to engage users to connect with current news around the world using Apple (AAPL) apps., JAVA PROGRAMMING Java programming use for developing apps, DAVFLY-Providing Update Information, and other online businesses providing information on Recipes, Poetry, Job Bank and search engines such as Google (GOOG). Facebook generates funds by providing statistical information from resource links and script-writers extrapolating from related strings of comments following Sit-coms, etc.[1]

For the full year 2011, Facebook reported a total revenue of $3.71B and a net income of $1.00B. For the full year 2010, Facebook’s total revenue was $1.97B and its net income was $.61B. This represents an 39% increase in revenue and a 64% increase in net income year over year. The last year that Facebook reported a net loss was 2008.

Facebook Inc. has dominated most social network communication corporations which have been in existence for centuries with its innovative state-of-art apps. Businesses, both commercial and retail are conveying news and advertisements today which are broadcasted by primetime news anchors. Similar public owned social network corporations continue to provide information on Recipes, Poetry and Job Bank.

This company have brought global communications to our fingertips and attracted deep pocket investors to rush and capitalize for future returns.[3]

New Updates

This company have brought global communications to our fingertips, creating an interest to banks, developers, builders and attracted deep pocket investors to rush and capitalize for future returns. The company dwells in delivering finish products to it’s investors and users both commercial and retailed with an increase in net income and a publicly traded company.

The second earnings for FB release as a publicly traded company, Facebook has been under heavy pressure to base its revenue from billion users. With the pressure of having to deliver to shareholders and making sure to meet deliverable deadline dates. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been working on several fronts, from mobile to apps, but one of their newest, revenue-centered products are the Facebook Derivatives. The usability of Facebook is very similar to GOOGLE with billions of users using the functionalities which makes it more user friendly. Information are transmitted from portable wireless apps from any part of the world and users are able to access these information anytime of the day.

The largest social network has recently released data on how its’ advertising platform real-time bidding delivers information pose by advertisers, keeping a stiff battle between Google that also display a dominance control in internet marketing.

Trends & Forces

Rise in Mobile Apps

As users increasingly use mobile devices to visit sites like Facebook Inc., the number of views has steadily increased over the years and would continuously introduce varying deviations to be proportionate to the performance causing tremendous changes.

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