Freedom of choice in the United States and how it has influence Gay Marriage


The Supreme Court have observe numerous cases in the past centuries on the issue surrounding Gay Marriage. Individuals may have struggled with this subject in the past but more and more individuals have device systems that have worked better to address their needs. Most individuals may have lived as partners to raise children while they spearheaded greater challenges of life and during those period get to meet their true love of opposite sex.

As centuries past, the world have grown to appreciate openness and straight enlighten relationships among parents in general who want to participate in all activities especially the Olympics to keep young and compete with their children / younger generations.

All and all, these group of individuals are very active and perform multiple tasks which may interfere and not permitting them to have the normal 8 hours sleep time as you will find as the norm for individuals in the United States.

In other countries, the situation is not far from what we currently experience in the United State. They are the best friends to have and for so many, is truly a social group than it may appear to others.

The marriage settlement goes beyond what tongue can tell but then if you are use to reading folklores and ancient stories, you will definitely enjoy this group of individuals. Avoid taking things personally and go with the flow. Enjoy what creation have for us.

By Judge: Valerie Njee

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