Winter Sales and other Fun Activities During this Time of the Season

During sales period, it’s always best to shop around your local stores, keeping a list of what you may need and their prices to compare with other prices offered in outlet malls and in the internet.

There are times when you can stubble on great deals in the internet, make sure the shipping and handling charges are affordable as well. Boots and Winter coats/jackets are a must buy during this time of the year before they are hulled out into storage spaces for next season.

Leather boots are very comfortable worn with slightly thick stockings. They may last for sometime before you may want to think of accessories like these. Depending on your budget, two or more pairs are always nice to have. Individuals living in snowy/windy cities may want to consider purchasing three or more winter coats/jackets to keep warm.


I can’t help sharing some of the good old myths and folk stories told while visiting folks living in New England and Midwest areas of the USA, over a bowl of oats soup mixed with seafood commonly found along the coral lines.


Lusten Mountain MN
Speaking about the weather, elaborating on the many gifts from Santa especially when the grounds are covered with at least a foot so snow or so while enjoying clam chowder with added fresh corn.
Groundhog day is a no miss during early February month, with school buses pulling in from rural areas keeping to the tradition. Groundhogs are marmot animals slightly bigger than squirrel and feed on  peanuts as shown on the next image.
Boiled peanuts
If the groundhog is seen before the 4th of February, then we’ll have a normal winter duration else winter may last for 6 more weeks.

What a wonderful time to catch up on board games, indoor activities such as Ping-Pong, golf, swimming, and shopping just to mention a few. Crafts sales may be going on within travel distance. Take the advantage to visit some of their displays.

Lentil veg soup
“The old life is gone the new life has begun while most individuals are thinking and resolving challenges confronted with during past years
and how to go about resolving them; Others continue to impersonate and not reviewing their tracks towards improving and maintaining the dignity of human life’s.”
“Going skiing, tube sliding and never returning, but all had a wonderful time taken skiing vacation and making huge burn fires to enjoy the good old days snuggling up with fleece blankets.”

Have fun reading quotes and winter extracts from your favorite columnists.

Valerie Fotso reporting for JBVEFNEWS

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