Spring Flower Fundraising

I was fortunate to volunteer at my local high school Spring Flower fundraising event which took place yesterday at the Maple Grove Arboretum. We had a hand full of volunteers to on load baskets, pots and spices from the truck. These flowers were delivered from LYDNE garden and Landscape nursery which is not very far from the area.
The volunteers were all in smiles and did excellent job as directed by the lead. The colors of the flowers from several variety brighten the day. One could only imagine having raspberry lemonade while arranging them on different positions when they arrive home.

Spring time is the best time, to plant flowers in certain areas in the Midwest. Fruit trees are also planted during this period although most like to plant trees during Fall when their roots can settle into the newly transplanted land during Winter and ready to sprung their branches and petals during coming Spring.

Spring Flower fundraising is always a hit and I’ll encourage others to check with their local nurseries for ideas like this to help raise funds for their school programs.

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