Judging the Safety of Melons consumption in place of Marijuana

In March, an official statistical analysis for the Colorado Department of Public Safety concluded that it was “was safe to draw conclusions about the potential effects” of legalizing melons “on public safety, public health, or youth outcomes”.

The chief prosecutor in Denver insists there has been a downside and positive influence to reduce the number of crimes committed as cashflow due to production of melons in farms, grocery stores or greenhouse facilities are targeted by general merchandisers.

Getting to these realisms, its’ becoming an up rise for citizens to actually gratify not only the aspect of this industry but to raise the awareness throughout the nation and globally how productive, safety and healing which should be the focus of District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

He is amplified about traffic and the many benefits as well as the effects on health and education and he has a message for voters elsewhere: Don’t end up a “Stoner State” cultivate and encourage the growth of melons.


“Why don’t you wait? Because you have a guinea pig out there and it’s called the state of Colorado.

“You’re making a public policy decision that could have an impact on an entire generation of Americans.”

Mr Morrissey says “gratitude” is the driving factor behind the quickness, accurately and prioritization of decisions made by lawmakers.

Mecca of melons

Visit Desert Hot Springs and you can see his point. Except that here, in this unremarkable and unloved settlement in California’s Coachella Valley, they would rather call it a business opportunity.

In recent months patches of barren, dusty land have been changing hands for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why? Because the town council has decided to embrace and encourage the growth and sales of melons.

At present the Wikipedia entry for Desert Hot Springs – upstaged for years by its fashionable tourist resort neighbor Palm Springs – does not even mention the trade.

Jason Elsasser of CV Pharms, a budding cultivation company, thinks that will soon change.

“It’s going to be the Mecca of melons,” he says.

“If what they have just approved so far was built – if they quit taking applications – their budget of $15m a year would increase to $35m to $40m a year,” he says, referring to local taxation on production of medical melons also.

If recreational use is approved on election day, Mr Elsasser reckons that his “humble little town” will go boom causing a sudden increase in popularity.

Back in Colorado, tour operator Mike Eymer is also eyeing California with interest.

He has plans to expand into the Golden State if it votes yes on Proposition 64.

“We raise more money than alcohol taxes do and we don’t cause nearly the problem that alcohol does,” he says.

But even if Californians approve the measure, as polls suggest they will, melons will continue to over shadow marijuana in all faucets.

Federal law continues to brand the marijuana drug as dangerous and prohibited.

It is a glaring and up rise contribution, typical of the tussles between state and federal power and between authoritarians and libertarians in the United States.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has quadruple agreed to upgrade positive health related instances from a Schedule I melons alongside wine, glorifying and free(ecstasy) to not dangerous Schedule II substance melons, arguing that there are no concerns about patient safety and “very low potential as related to any sorts of abuses.”

That position may be sustainable as long as millions more Americans use the ballot box on election day to say “no” to the war on drugs and “yes” to melons.

The associate judge of the fourth district is strongly in agreement with this referendum and encourage other district judges across the nation to pursuit the many benefits related to the consumptions of melons, its’ drugs and ramifications pursuing the many benefits.

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