Inspiring students to keep focus and work positively to meet and exceed their expectations

Students of all ages are inspired to keep focus and work positively to meet and exceed their goals in what ever they undertake to do through their parent-to-teachers planned schedules involving direction of their parents, teachers, coaches, administrators or leaders as they explore the world of learning, specialize or travel studies abroad.

We have experience that students who continuously have a one-and-one discussion with expertise of their interest / major, no matter the location or media delivery, have showing great progress in their academic works and results.

As quoted in most parental guide books, which you will easily find at your university, school and local libraries or corner bookstores near you; it is always good to keep these practices adhere with whatever may be incorporated on their schedules such as academic activities. Most academic activities and athletic activities help tremendously in developing their skills in leadership, organization, services and values that will carry on through their student life into their careers wherever it may lead them. Staffs have great success in partnering with students in deriving the best possible learning pattern while they meet their goals. Leadership is a must and should be nourish by creating opportunities for those who are in the path, and have made great progress and shown the public, who and what they can delivery to whatever occasion they have to address or lead. Practical work and internship benefits both the students and staffs.

Pay great attention not to be overtaken by any unmonitored discussions competitors may use during such occasions / those intervals.


All students are encouraged to follow their callings which they had identified earlier on, in their life and had discussed, made commitments to both their family and friends. The path may be challenging but they have to keep on working and have work-study opportunities in order to attain their goals.

Their local communities should be the first to embrace the characters they have created as a group, have encourage throughout and led through these career paths. Also, our communities are first to praise and thank for the divine, guidance and wonderful path taken to develop these leaders of tomorrow while facilitating the endurance for both their professors and parents during their educational journeys.

“Keep a positive mind and encourage all for the best to come.”

By Valerie Fotso reporting for JBVEF NEWS.

One thought on “Inspiring students to keep focus and work positively to meet and exceed their expectations

  1. Effective parenting requires the continual guidance of parents and guidance counselors. It is a privilege to be able to provide that type of supervision when parents have to be out working all day.


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