Part of Midwest Experienced Severe Weather Causing Major Damages

Yesterday, most part of the MidWest experienced severe weather causing major damages to homeowners, commercial industrial locations including locations of different counties. Individuals are still identifying damages which are said to have been caused by this severe weather. During this period, severe thunderstorms roared through several areas, knocking down trees, causing wind debris leaving mini branches all over yards and city boundaries.

Minnesota weather forecast

Some part of the cities are said to have experienced power outages, we are not quite certain of all the damages we may have had overnight. Calls are still coming in from remote areas and intercity where homeowners may have had some of their trees knock down.

SPC - MN severe weather contours

Tornadoes are a frightening part of life in Midwestern states. Tornado Alley, a swath of land known for its high incidence of tornadoes, is concentrated in the center of the United States but extends up into Minnesota and Iowa. For its part, Iowa has an average of 48 tornadoes per year, with the majority of storms in May and June. Droughts are also unfortunately common in spring and summer, and can be devastating for area farmers. On the other hand, heavy rainfall can lead to flooding in low-lying areas of the region.

Midwest tornado 752016

Where we live, trees were destroyed by this severe cyclones weather. It could have been worst. We are thankful we did not lost any tree in this location except of debris from trees scattered all over our yard. We had heavy rain pour including lightening coupled with major winds, waving branches from one direction to another. Most individuals who were not fortunate will have to haul and pick up after these damages. More inspections to analyze possible damages will continue.

Insurance actuaries would have to analyze financial expenses and risks, that this tropical tornado may have caused in the Midwest. Areas in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and the Dakotas were said to have experienced this same down pour of heavy rain and thunderstorm.

flash waterflood aftermath

There may be individuals who are stranded and do not know where to turn in situations where damages caused by natural disaster. I will advise to refer to an actuary which is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially those of concern to insurance and pension programs.

Depending on the sizing and nature of destructions, a hotline should be available to call for assistance.

Weather forecast Jul062016


Valerie Fotso reporting for JBVEFNEWS

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