Cyclone winds noticed near Cyprus

JBVEF NEWS 2013-09-18 Reports are coming out from Syrian local news, that they are experiencing unusual cyclonic wind change which may be due to monsoon winds. These cyclonic wind were greatly felt around Latakia and Cyprus. Forces produce by these cyclone winds are felt on the lower part of the atmosphere. Their wind directions and movement are upwards and downwards, low and high respectively as seen in the diagram below. The movement of these forces are anticlockwise and vary in speed depending on the temperature and oceanic movement which may be cause by several number of interruptions. These interruptions can range from monsoon winds to oceanic currents, turbulence produce by ships or other massive submarines maneuvering the ocean body. The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) works to avoid and prevent issues cause by circumstances like this.


Near the Earth’s surface, friction of moving wind accross terrain or open water becomes a factor. Here the resultant wind direction is a vectorial sum of the Pressure Gradient Force (PGF), Coriolis Force (CF), and Frictional Force (FF). At some altitude, where friction is null, a geostrophic wind has evolved.

Cyclone friction
One cause of change in wind speed is that of unbalanced forces. In the diagram above, the PGF is strong enough to counter-influence the CF and FF such that the net wind experiences an acceleration. (In a storm, wind changes directions and speeds frequently in different places and times causing local variations in pressure gradients and friction in parts because of obstructions and surface topographic fluctuations.)

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