Investors and customers are attracted by VFC earnings per share

JBVEF – BUSINESS NEWS 2013-11-13 VFC has continuously kept a steady rise in earnings per share for the pass 8 years. This stock has been in the market since 1999. Today, it is rated by analysts as a strong buy-and-hold for a long period. With the population growth and needs of every days life, I will advice a buy as well. In the past, like any other stock, it has had its ups and downs.

Here are the quarterly dividends for this year and the forecasting for fourth quarter will surely be a positive gain compare to order stocks in this sector.

Quarter High Low Dividend
Third quarter 9/20/2013 204.35 202.53 2.82
Second Quarter 6/20/2013 219.35 196.03 2.82
First Quarter 3/20/2013 192.4 188.12 2.82

Spectators are moved by B2B online services. More and more innovative apps are easing online trading thus lowering charges to clients and traders globally.

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