Digital River offers Office Supplies

Computer accessories

Digital River offers Web design services to clients around the globe. Its e-commerce solutions are deployed and implemented in a variety of ways from shopping carts through merchandise online stores. These online stores owned by the company franchised by its clients incorporating some of their brands and design as such. When a shopper navigates from a client’s website to their store, the transition is seamless. The company tracks order processed through their payment services, fraud screening and fulfillment (either digital or physical) and notifies the buyer via e-mail once their transaction(s) are completed.
The company design, development and hosting capabilities are influenced by the evolution of global e-solutions which were developed to handle latest technology Apps. and computers from Apple Corporation.

The global cloud-based solution enables physical and digital goods to be sold directly to new or underserved groups of business buyers by tailoring their e-commerce services and using authenticated portals, segmented pricing, preferred payment methods, private reseller networks, and more. For some companies, selling direct to business buyers has materially increased margin efficiency and product(s) renewal rates up by 30 percent.

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