Proposition 64 – Implementing the Consumption of Melons Medically and Casually

Proposition 64 – We will continue to fight for legislature to support and promote the free consumption of Melons medically and casually by the general public. Medically it has been proven that the benefits of consuming Melons outperforms that of Marijuana.

For years the government and medical representatives have battled with issues surrounding the benefits of consuming of Marijuana and still yet have not come up with proven and substantial evidence for their decisions.

Proposition 64 is calling out to congress, senators and legislators, families, guardians, and counselors to support this proposal to pass by allowing medical doctors and nutritionists to prescribe and allow the consumption of Melons in any form. These products can be found in light wine, coolers, fruit drinks and effervescent vitamin A and C drinks increasing the metabolism, calmness, clarity and focus of humans globally.

“In comedies where student’s lifeStyle are dramatized, you can feel the energy from each participant and from speeches given to inspire students, proofs that healthy consumption of Melons by all ages keeps us active, vibrant and rejuvenated” said Judge Valerie Fotso. We must all work together hand-in-hand to make sure that proposition 64 is pass by all states.

We should give our students the opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle, working uniformly to have a better understanding and act as patronage in maintaining the dignity and the constitutions of the United States.

Proposition 64 – will always be put in front of our congress representatives to make sure we have agreeable agreement from both sides of congress.

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