Farmers Selling Perishable Goods Made Substantial Gains

In the past decades, farm products such as tomatoes, bananas, pineapples etc., constantly increased in price making huge substantial differences in profit variance which may have actuated the P/S of their corporations. These price increase put great burden to it’s buyers triggering noticeable price increase to their retail customers. Everyone on the entire line of perishable goods experienced a decrease in price at the beginning of harvesting, compared to the end.

The more these products are preserved and stored, the more their prices are hype. Buyers may profit from these products when purchase early on at the beginning of harvest.


During off-seasons like any other marketing products, prices of perishable goods become expensive. Good practices and advances is to how these perishable goods should be preserved and maintained for later consumption without any drawbacks.

Some of these farmers of perishable produce occasionally are faced with challenges such as irrigation during dry conditions where the earth is not as fertile as expected, reducing their competition in the mainstream markets. Others rely on subsidaries main farming corporations to get healthy seedlings and fertile grounds for planting.

The farm industry rely on heavy machine equipment to facilitate planting and harvesting, reducing the burden and processing by human interaction to some extend. Caterpillar, Toro, John Deere equipment, etc. play a huge part in farming, irrigation, road construction to aid navigating and laying down water sprinklers /showering pipes.

In general, the public and workers may gain from these food and farm industries by investing on their products. Keeping the market rolling by purchasing these perishable goods when they are fresh. These products are use for making smoothies, drinks, antioxidants medications etc.; and some other products are consumed after well prepared and cooked.

Most of their recipes can be found on recipe books, web pages and in grocery stores where some of the products can be purchased.


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