This Year’s October turned out too Warm

This year’s October turned out too warm compare to the others in the past. It brought more opportunities for families with young children and grandparents to enjoy the harvesting patches and rides around the farms. It’s always a pleasure to visit orchards, corn and hay-bale mazes with young students riding, jumping and looking for their paths through these mazes.

The produce are harvested, prepared and celebrated during Thanksgiving of which we look forward to, towards the last week of November. Families feast on traditional meals such as turkey which is quite a big bird to feed a crowd, yams, cranberry sauce, varities of pies to go along with icecreams of diferent flavors, fruity wines and soft drinks for younger children.

Lots of folktales to tell during these gatherings. This is always the perfect time to get ideas for christmas gifts for individual family members as we approach Christmas holiday. Buyers look forward to have good bargains before the holidays and hope to strike even with all the advertisements going on in stores and via online shopping.

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