Co-worker found dead due to related Cardiovascular Issues

There have been disturbing issues arising from cardiovascular related disease amongst the working population lately. We are sadden to announce the death of a co-worker who was pronounce non-responding to stimulations and ignitions at 7:05 AM after rolling out of his garage heading to work.

The incident came as no surprise although the doctor may have speculated dehydration and lack of routine motivation. This co-worker presumably consumes ample amount of fluids including water everyday and performs routine motions back and forth from different sites of designated responsibilities.


Medical organizations across the nation and globally are concern with ample number of issues which continues to interrupt the wellbeing of creation. The needs and necessary requirements should be adequate to barely sustain the lives of creation, although we have seen numerous cases of issues arising because of wireless complicated communications to maliciously ruin the wellbeing of others.

In some instances, these issues have caused certain derails just to buy time while we investigate and propagate, making sure that we mitigate are resources in the right directions. During this period, usually a forensic pathology – “is pathology that focuses on determining the cause of death by examining a corpse. The post mortem is performed by a medical examiner, usually during the investigation of criminal law cases and civil law cases in some jurisdictions,” autopsy or post mortem examination will be perform to better understand the details of issues surrounding the unconsciousness or apparent death of creation and how to resucitate, revitalize or reinvigorate life.

The develop world has embrace these challenges, prepared and consist of adequate sophisticated medical technology equipment to use during crisis like this. We have been blessed in the past to revive and bring back consciousness to these creation.

So far, the name of this co-worker has not been release due to further forensic examinations and procedures which needs to take place. In this case, we are thinking it may be a classified information and it will be handle appropriately from here on. The public will be alert if necessary.

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