JBVEF Corporation structure its business initiatives

This corporation has spent most of its effort to restrcuture and reinvest in its original busness initiatives and endeavour, keeping productivity and employees compensation similar to those of related corporation. The corporation covers both local and national news, jobs placement and other interesting topics around the world which eventually engaged peers, families and friends together, investing and discussion groups. Today, the corporation privately holds and trade shares. JBVEF is viewed by billions around the world through internet via products like Dell (DELL) laptops, Apple (AAPL) and other communication tools such as iphones and androids. The corporation is poise to continuously expand its contents to meet global demand and plans to incorporate more related information.

Business Overview

JBDATA Resources, Inc.(JBVEF) updated its financial results for first quarter, on March 31, 2016. During that quarter, the company reported an increase in revenue of 40.8%. An increase in revenue and operating profit were driven by growth in advertising, increase more viewers base on population, internet services, manufacturers of computers enabling access to the many products of services such as information providered, readily data mangement and many more.
It’s global awareness were made possible by having links to popular social media networking such as Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO) and Facebook (FB). Estimated market capital then was 7 Billions.


This corporation relies on the following Markets in order to realize profitability at the long run.
Jobs placement and referral in leading technology jobs within the United States and may cover related job assignment in different part of the world. This site is referred to by other recruiting firms and corporations world wide.

Development Tools
This corporation is also widely known for providing educational tools used by pupils of all ages especially engineers, astronomers, developers, poets, economists, mathematicians and students searching/researching via the internet for the latest upgraded related topics. JAVA Programming.

Most scholars will find this site useful in discovering and learning about the universe and the solar systems evolution from the early creation of planets and the study of body motions in the universe. It covers most of Astronomy topics and much more, keeping scientists investigating new theories and making sure these theories are practically performed and researched to avoid unforseen disasters.

Geographical Maps
One of JBVEF popular site is Maps of states from all continents of the world which are frequently viewed by travelers, nature lovers and writers around the world. This site captures some of the most fascinating places and their recent development. Keeping up with new discoveries and development to enable and facilitate the existence of mankind.

Like any other news coverage website, this site covers news from fashion, celebrities, weather, latest technology, arts, finance etc atrracting its users.

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