Some areas in Minnesota experienced pockets of fog

Some areas in Minnesota experienced pockets of fog early this morning which lasted until 9:45 A.M. although we are expecting Temperatures in the lower 80 F. It is not unusual to experience fog during mid August of the year. In general, the weather condition is expected to be sunny with partial mixed clouds overhead as we head towards the weekend.


In the past we’ve had periods of continous fog in the early mornings lasting up till 3 to 4 days in a row. The condesation from these foggy weather proceed towards Autumn, turning the leaves into multiple colors, attracting campers and botanists from around the country who usaully converge to the midwest to determine the degree of precipitation and humidity range changes we have gone through the year and what the future holds.

Temperature observation guides metereologists to beter determine weather changes and conditions we experience and what we should expect in the future.

These are the best periods for botanists and naturalists to observe the changes taking place with the coloration of tree leaves as we head into Autumn. The sceneries are magnificient and lovely to watch while most traditional arts and crafts decors are taking place. Bakery goods and paintings set the stage with many attractive colorful deals for the season.

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