3 thoughts on “Pineapples

  1. Pineapples are mostly grown in areas where temperatures are constantly or occasional in tropical / rainforest temperatures. These temperatures may vary from warm to hot, ranging from 40 F to 100’s F. Today, because of several transportation delivery channels, you can find them practical any where in the world. These fruits are mostly canned and distributed by locals and food corporations.

    They are golden yellow in color when ripe and ready to be eaten. It’s famously use for baking upside down pineapple cakes and other candies where you may coat partial areas with milk or other flavor of chocolate.

    They are also canned, preserved as jelly, or used for making sweet and sour sauce. Others use canned chunks or bites on pizzas or stirred food like rice or potatoes.

    This is one of the best fruit loved by children and adults just as well.


  2. The last time I visited Cameroon, in the continent of Africa, which is located 5mi North above the Equator, the timing was perfect, you could see miles of ripen pineapples in a distance covering miles away from the main roads parallel to the frontage of the Atlantic ocean.
    These produce get exported to different parts of the world. All year round, its a wonderful place to visit depending on your interest.


  3. We lately visited a family living in one of the shanti quarters downtown San Francisco, we were served light iceberg lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh pineapple wedges mixed up with sliced roasted almond with lite salad dressing of our choice.
    Waow! It tasted delicious served with slices of baguette bread, cheese and Woodbrige white wine. These Pineapples are carried by COSTCO, SAMS CLUB and WALMART chain stores globally.


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