Democratic platform reports first-quarter fundraising increase 25 percent higher than four years ago

Strong fundraising numbers for democratic platform said the number of campaigns and organizations using it has nearly doubled since four years ago, comes after it laid off roughly 17 percent of its staff earlier this month. It said the move was a “restructuring” to help ensure its “long-term financial sustainability.”

The total amount of money raised in the last three months was 24.7 percent higher than the same period in 2019, the organization said in a release. ActBlue said there were 1.4 million unique donors, totaling $218 million with an average contribution of $36.75.

ActBlue, the main fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and organizations, said it raised nearly 25 percent more money in the first quarter of 2023 than it did during the same period four years ago, when the party was ramping up to defeat then-President Trump.

“We have seen strong fundraising for Democrats and progressives across the country over the past two cycles, and we very much expect that strong fundraising to continue,” ActBlue’s President and CEO Regina Wallace-Jones said after the layoffs were announced. “But we need to ensure we are serving our users as sustainably and effectively as possible during the 2024 cycle and beyond.”

The fundraising numbers were announced as Democrats gear up for what could prove to be a tough 2024 election cycle. The party is pushing to defend its slim majority in the Senate and faces an unfavorable map next year, with a number of incumbents expected to face tough reelection fights. 

The party will also try to take back a House majority that it lost in the 2022 midterms and gear up for President Biden’s reelection bid.



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